Knowing how to do craftsmanship and customization

Mirrors, consoles, chairs, headboards: they are all made with our hands in Florence. That’s way we can make a special, unique piece just for you.

Every piece tells something about us

“Learning from the patterns and the people who have come before us is the only way any of us advance.” Seth Godin

Uniqueness constitutes the design code: the interpretation of the house proposed by Spini Interni thus goes beyond the stylistic discourse to open up to the most varied customizations, proposing a concrete alternative to the homologation of the environments.

Unique pieces, unique spaces, unique people

A mirror, a console, a headboard by SPINI will make your home look different.

In addition to the artifacts proposed in our catalogs – all made in our Scandicci headquarters – we are able to create furniture based on the customer’s design. Our technical department will be able to provide any type of support useful for the design.


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