About Us


The Spini wood carving business is fully part of the story of Florentine craftmanship. Ernesto Spini began running is own business during the 30’s in Florence: his studio was in Via del Campuccio, in San Frediano area. After moving his first steps as sculptor, Ernesto Spini became skilled with frame carving, selling his creations in Tuscany, then in Italy and, later, abroad.

In the 60’s the second generation, Sergio Spini and Elena Spini, made the business live a strong growth, succesfully continuing nowadays. Collections feature new products; a new modern line of furniture is developed, together with the classical one. The combination of both classical and modern styles is a distinctive point of Spini production.

During the 80’s Luca and Barbara Spini – the third generation – made a new phase start: the collections are completed with new items, where the classical style lives again in a modern, ethnical and minimalist shape.

New pieces of furniture, such as chairs, sofas and headboards, are added to the collections.

The business strengthens its commercial power, both in Italy and abroad, by creating a widespread network of agents and taking parts in international design fairs, such as Salone del Mobile in Milan and Abitare Il Tempo in Verona. In 2021 we will be in Venice at the international arts and crafts exhibition  HOMO FABER.

Nowadays, Spini collections are exhibited in the most important international design fairs and are distributed by the best interior design.

Our Company


The idea of working with classical shapes and ancient techniques, used by craftmen, came from the willing of ratify the union with history, art of manufacture and handwork, all milestones in our corporate identity.

Manual Skills, Handwork

This is the essential part of our work, that part that makes us express the best in terms of creativity and innovations. We are certain that creativity comes from the study of art and culture. In our studio in Scandicci we constantly create new projects and we experiment new finishing touches.


Our concept of interior design is radically different from the homogenization of spaces. Our interpretation of the home is open to the most various customizations. A mirror by Spini is a real protagonist of your space.