The Tradition

Spini presents the new collection of wall mirrors, tables, chairs and other furniture all Made in Italy. Inspired by the florentine interior design tradition, Spini made classical shapes speak a modern language.

Reinterpreting Classical Styles, Creating Modern Collections

Our catalogues are, as always, divided into two parts: the classical section enhance carving techniques and traditional shapes, the modern section is inspired by the idea of going beyond the tradition.

The design, animated by the willing of experimenting, follows unexpected tracks, combining the open-minded use of fabrics, materials and colors.

Colors and finishing touches, strong points of Spini production, have a really important role in this collection: we pass from the monochromatism of white, a bright color with almost zero shades, to the combination of real silver leaves with acrylic lacquerings.


Experience and Distinctiveness

The idea of working with classical shapes and ancient tools, used by craftmen, came from the willing of ratify the union with history and art of manufacture, a milestone in our corporate identity.

Each item takes with itself a strong artistic sign, which can tell people about its origins, talking about its past without being nostalgically attached to it.

Distinctiveness represents our design style: the Spini concept of home goes beyond the mere stylistic rethoric and is open to the most various customizations. This way, it figures a real alternative to the homogenization of spaces.

The items, either dressing tables or other pieces of furniture, are not just simple objects, but real protagonists of interior design.