Specchio Líquid (numero 20882)


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Luca Spini

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Luca Spini


Luca Spini presents the Líquid Mirror

The Líquid Mirror is the meeting among two cultures, between two ways to make art that seems antipodal, so they match each other perfectly.

From Florence to Barcelona, throughout the sinuous waves of Líquid Mirror are connected the Capital of Renaissance. Its artisan tradition with the Capital of Modernism and its surrealistic artworks.

Art is often a source of inspiration for Spini Collections” explains Luca Spini, who manages the family businesses  with his sister Barbara. So “The idea of Líquid Mirror comes from a journey in Barcelona: the curved shapes of Antoni Gaudì’s furniture. The dreamy images of Salvador Dalì’s paints are the leitmotif running through the Gracìa Collection.”

Most importantly, such influences makes this Mirror-wall unique and we can consider them as one of the most particular piece of the Spini Contemporary Collections.

Those  decorative mirrors can enrich every room: from the bathroom to the livingroom and you can even  customize them.   

Discover more than 20 different finishes. We showed the Liquid Mirror at the Palazzo Bellini at  the Spini event 2017.