the Molletta Chair by Spini Interni


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Luca Spini

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Luca Spini


Molletta Chair: when the inspiration comes from a common object

Inspired by the shape and the lightness of a common wooden clothespin, the “ Molletta Chair ” (Molletta means “Clothespin” in Italian) is an original piece, designed by Hagar Bar Gil, a young Israeli designer graduated at the Florence Institute of Design International (FIDI), that is going to be producer as a limited edition realized by Spini Interni s.r.l.

This chair consists in a combination of two diagonal back legs carved out of solid oak wood joined to two delicately placed front legs.

The back legs provide a unique shape that supports the back, made from a curved thin plywood sheet; this material is also used for the seat.

The details make it a unique chair, suitable for various modern spaces, giving them an elegant, fresh look.

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