Customized mirror


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Luca Spini


Luca Spini

Get your bespoke mirror or piece of furniture suited expressly for you from the sizes down to the finish.

Do you need a made-to-measure bed, console or mirror for your new project ? SPINI INTERNI will provide the solution. Just choose the size or even the design – everything – and we will make your one-of-a kind piece. It’s your piece, customized just for you !

Your product will come with its certification “Handmade in Florence by SPINI INTERNI in Florence, Italy for Mr/Ms…..

But it’s not all. You will be able to even watch your piece while we make it in our lab. This way you will experience a journey into the unique, amazing skills of real hand-made process according to the old and traditional Florentine tradition.

Make your engaging experience with SPINI INTERNI !