The Spini Lab Experience in Florence.


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Luca Spini

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Luca Spini

Launching the SPINI INTERNI Lab Experience.

What about having a unique experience in a typical lab in Florence ? At SPINI Lab  Experience
you will be able to make your product with us: you will learn the the various techniques of Italian craftsmanship such as gold and silver leafing, the same that were used for gilding antique frames and that you will find at the Uffizi Gallery and other museums in Florence. Everything is handmade at the SPINI INTERNI Lab Experience !

But the SPINI INTERNI Lab Experience is not only that. Besides that, you will be able to even take home the wood frame that you gilded. We will start from the very beginning, the chalk base (the “gesso”) up to the different types of aging:  you decide: do you like a classic style look  or a more contemporary, Art Deco look ?

At SPINI INTERNI  Lab we have been handcarving and manufacturing our wall mirror frames, chairs, headborads, screens and chests since 1937. We just love our work so much that we really want to share our passion with you. We don’t want to be just exclusive but inclusive. This is our mindstyle: sharing our experience with you.

Gold leaf at Spini Florence

Gold leafing

“Who should ultimately design your product ? The customer, of course”. We definitely agree with Phlip Kotler !

Therefore,  all you have to do is write us and we will  organize your trip to Florence: accomodation, transfers, tours in Tuscany or even other destinations in Italy.


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